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On this page you can find our student-made revision guides and resources for various Physics modules. We are currently working on updating these.

In the academic years 2022/23 and 2023/24, many physics (and mathematics modules for those on the MathPhys degree stream) modules were updated and changed course code. Hence some guides may differ from the current lecture courses or you may find modules used to have different names (see archive). In some cases, multiple students have contributed notes and as such different documents are listed below the module title (format "notes 1, notes 2, etc").

Note: these guides should be used in conjunction with other material and as they are often meant as summaries, not comprehensive notes. Lecture notes and videos on Moodle should always be consulted for a fully up to date version of the course.

If you spot any errors or have suggestions on how to improve these documents, please let us know!

Underlined titles have notes available.

First Year Modules
Second Year Modules

2nd Year Equation Sheets

PX262 Quantum Mechanics and its Applications

Notes 1

Notes 2


PX275 Maths for Physicists II

- Physics, Physics with Business and Physics with Astro only

PX286: Methods of Mathematical Physics

- Maths and Physics only

PX280 Environmental Physics

PX282 Stars and the Solar System

PX284: Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory and Optics

- Note there are 2 separate links

PX285: Hamiltonian and Fluid Mechanics

Third Year Modules

PX385: Condensed Matter Physics

PX390: Scientific Computing

PX399: The Earth and its Atmosphere

PX448: Mathematical Methods III

PX449: Kinetic Theory

PX3A2: Quantum Physics of Atoms

PX3A3: Electrodynamics

PX3A4: Plasma Physics and Fusion

PX3A5: The Standard Model

PX3A6: Galaxies and Cosmology

PX3A7: Statistical Physics

PX3A8: Physics of Life and Medicine

PX3A9: Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars

Fourth Year Modules

PX431: Structure and Dynamics of Solids

PX436: General Relativity

PX443: Planets, Exo-planets and Life

PX446: Condensed Matter Physics II

PX447: Quantum Computation and Simulation

PX453: Advanced Quantum Theory

PX454: Theoretical Particle Physics

PX455: Frontiers of Particle Physics

PX456: Solar and Space Physics

PX457: High Performance Computing

PX458: The Distant Universe


We have old module lecture notes for reference. These may cover similar things but most have been merged or turned into new modules.

First Year Modules

PX101 Quantum Phenomena

- (now PX156 Quantum Phenomena)

PX109 Relativity (old module - now in PX155 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity)

PX118 Waves (now in PX154 Physics Foundations)

PX120 Electricity and Magnetism (now PX157 Electricity and Magnetism)

PX121 Thermal Physics I (now in PX154 Physics Foundations)

PX132 Mechanics and Relativity (now in PX155 Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity)

PX144 Introduction to Astronomy (now PX158 Astronomy)

PX145 Physics Foundations (now PX154 Physics Foundations)

PX147 Introduction to Particle Physics (now in PX156 Quantum Phenomena)

Second Year Modules

PX266 Geophysics

PX268 Stars

- Now PX282 Stars and the Solar System

PX273 Electrical Power Generation

PX274 Experimental Particle Physics

PX263 Electromagnetic Theory and Optics

- Now PX284 Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory and Optics

PX264 Physics of Fluids

Notes 1

Notes 2

- Now PX285 Hamiltonian and Fluid Mechanics

PX265 Thermal Physics II

- Now PX284 Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory and Optics


PX267 Hamiltonian Mechanics

- Now PX85 Hamiltonian and Fluid Mechanics

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