Revision Guides

Find our list of revision guides below. These are written by fellow society members and are not lecturer-endorsed, so do not use them as your sole source of revision. Content relevant to when the guides were written, and a change in lecturer may have altered the course content, so be mindful of this when using the revision guides. 

If there are any issues or corrections needed with these documents, then please let us know!

General Revision Guides

Coordinate System Revision Guide

Integration Revision Guide (coming soon!)

Differentiation Revision Guide

1st Year Guides

1st Year Equation Sheets

PX101 Quantum Phenomena

PX109 Relativity (old module - now in PX148)

PX118 Waves (old module - now in PX145)

PX120 Electricity and Magnetism

PX121 Thermal Physics I (old module - now in PX145)

PX132 Mechanics and Relativity (old module - now in PX148)

PX144 Introduction to Astronomy

PX145 Physics Foundations

PX147 Introduction to Particle Physics

PX149 Maths for Physicists (coming soon!)

2nd Year Guides

2nd Year Equation Sheets

PX262 Quantum Mechanics and its Applications

PX263 Electromagnetic Theory and Optics

PX264 Physics of Fluids

PX265 Thermal Physics II

PX266 Geophysics

PX267 Hamiltonian Mechanics

PX268 Stars

PX273 Electrical Power Generation

PX274 Experimental Particle Physics

PX275 Maths for Physicists II

PX280 Environmental Physics (coming soon!)

3rd Year Guides

PX366 Statistical Physics

PX384 Electrodynamics

PX389 Cosmology

PX440 Maths for Physicists III

4th Year Guides

PX446 Condensed Matter II

Maths Module Guides - more found here:

MA106 Linear Algebra

MA131 Analysis I

MA131 Analysis II

MA132 Foundations

MA134 Geometry in Motion

MA209 Variational Principles

MA241 Combinatorics

MA244 Analysis III

MA249 Algebra II: Groups and Rings

MA251 Algebra I: Advanced Linear Algebra

MA259 Multivariable Calculus


The revision guides below are for older courses that have now had their content moved to other courses, but we've left them here in case they're useful, and have written which modules they now map to.