Our Exec are students from a variety of years studying Physics or Maths and Physics degrees. To find out more about each Exec member, click on the roles below.

Your 2021-2022 exec:
President: Ben Watkins
Vice President: Sian Ayres
Treasurer: Lewis Dwyer
Publicity Officer: Ovi Tirnovan 
Academic Coordinators: Alexander Wlodarcyzk & Gentian Mouron-Adams
Social Secretaries: Thomas Henning & 
Vincent Toor-Azorin
Tour Secretary: Liam Jones
 PhysSoc Exec 2020-2021

President: Yani Carter
Vice President: Liam Jones
Treasurer: Cameron Burke
Publicity Officer: Benas Juska
Academic Coordinators: Daniel Dangerfield & Ollie Silvester
Social Secretaries: Ben Watkins & Dan Champness
Tour Secretaries: Sian Ayres & Shivani Shah

PhysSoc Exec 2019-2020

President: Sophie Battrick
Vice President: Henry Webber
Treasurer: Emily Hennighan
Publicity Officer: Jenni French
Academic Coordinators: Adam Green & Amy Kadodwala
Social Secretaries: Liam Jones & Yani Carter
Tour Secretaries: Katharine Hughes & Mollie Burr