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Every Thursday at 6pm in Room PS1.28 (straight after academic support), we host our weekly PhysCafés!

Keep an eye on Discord and Instagram for any timetable/room changes.

On this page are resources, links and presentations related to each week's talk.


---------------- Term 1 ----------------

Term 1, Week 1: The Flexural Ultrasonic Transducer - Steve Dixon

Presentation            Video

More info

Term 1, Week 2: Which modules should I choose? - Exec

UG handbook

Term 1, Week 3: Help, I'm a physicist, get me out of here! - Rachel Edwards


Term 1, Week 4: Symphonies of the Corona of the Sun - Valery Nakariakov

Presentation (.pptx)

Term 1, Week 5: The Gadolinium Phase of the Super-Kamiokande Neutrino Detector - Matthew Nicholson


Term 1, Week 6: Summer projects and internships - Wendy Hunt and Exec


Term 1, Week 7: Careers Panel - Ray Ryan and Alumni

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Term 1, Week 8: WarTPC: Optical Readout using a High Pressure Time Projection Chamber - Matthew Snape


Term 1, Week 9: Computer modelling of materials and molecules at Warwick - Albert Bartók-Pártay


Term 1, Week 10: Christmas with PhysSoc - Exec


---------------- Term 2 ----------------

Term 2, Week 1: Arts, Crafts and Games - Exec

Term 2, Week 2: A clock for the solar cycle variation of extreme space weather activity - Sandra Chapman

Related video

Term 2, Week 3: Using diamonds to build quantum sensors, quantum computers, and for testing the quantum nature of gravity - Gavin Morley


Term 2, Week 4: Elections! - Exec


Term 2, Week 5: Halfway through term

Term 2, Week 6: The Warwick Award - George Haughie


Term 2, Week 7: From Physics to writing (via banking) - Lexie Elliott


Term 2, Week 8: WMG grad scheme - Theo Teasdale & Ed Griffin


Term 1, Week 9: How to break into data science - Arman Naeini


Term 1, Week 10: Warwick Hyperloop


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