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Fourth Year Revision Lectures

This page contains all Fourth Year Revision Lectures held by the society. The videos are grouped by module and each video is placed in descending order, with the latest version at the top of the category. Some videos will also have the written notes accessible below the video player. 

Modules that no longer exist (but are part of newer modules) are placed in the archive.

Note: throughout the 2022/23 and 2023/24 academic years, Physics modules are getting revised.

PX408 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
PX420 Solar Magnetohydrodynamics
PX430 Gauge Theories of Particle Physics
PX431 Structure and Dynamics of Solids
PX435 Neutrino Physics
PX436 General Relativity
PX438 Physics of Fusion Power
PX443 Planets, Exoplanets and Life
PX444 The Distant Universe
PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II
PX445 Advanced Particle Physics
Section: Magnetism
Section: Superconductivity
Section: Optics
PX447 Quantum Computation and Simulation
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