Our Exec are students from a variety of years studying Physics or Maths and Physics degrees. To find out more about each Exec member, click on the roles below.

PhysSoc Exec 2022-2023:

President: Arman Boroumand Naeini

Vice President: Shubhdeep Sethi

Treasurer: Phoebe Ryder

Publicity Officer: Chung-Ping Xu

Academic Coordinators: George Mckay & Kai Ross

Social Secretaries: Luca Gasparro & Adam Counsell

Tour Secretary: Matthew Leslie & Ethan Dommett

PhysSoc Exec 2021-2022:
President: Ben Watkins
Vice President: Sian Ayres
Treasurer: Lewis Dwyer
Publicity Officer: Ovi Tirnovan 
Academic Coordinators: Alexander Wlodarcyzk & Gentian Mouron-Adams
Social Secretaries: Thomas Henning & 
Vincent Toor-Azorin
Tour Secretary: Liam Jones
 PhysSoc Exec 2020-2021
President: Yani Carter
Vice President: Liam Jones
Treasurer: Cameron Burke
Publicity Officer: Benas Juska
Academic Coordinators: Daniel Dangerfield & Ollie Silvester
Social Secretaries: Ben Watkins & Dan Champness
Tour Secretaries: Sian Ayres & Shivani Shah

PhysSoc Exec 2019-2020
President: Sophie Battrick
Vice President: Henry Webber
Treasurer: Emily Hennighan
Publicity Officer: Jenni French
Academic Coordinators: Adam Green & Amy Kadodwala
Social Secretaries: Liam Jones & Yani Carter
Tour Secretaries: Katharine Hughes & Mollie Burr


PhysSoc Exec Roles

In this section, we'll outline some of the responsibilities that each role in the society has.

President: Responsible for running the society, managing the exec members of the society, helping different roles and keeping in touch with the Physics department (also responsible for sending a lot of emails and messages).

Vice President: Supporting the president in running the society, head the ball committee to ensure that we have a banging ball, and organise merchandise for the exec and for the society.

Treasurer: A very important role - the treasurer ensures that we have enough money for free pizza each week. This is done by contacting and getting sponsors. The treasurer also budgets for the society and for the annual ball too!

Publicity Officer:  The publicity officer is responsible for managing the Facebook page, sending emails out, and ensuring that we have good social media coverage. 

Academic Coordinators (x2): In this role, the aim is to produce revision materials for the society in the form of guides and lectures, to organise Physics Café events, and to organise and oversee the Physics Families mentoring scheme.

Social Secretaries (x2): Social Secs are really important - they provide the social events that the society is well-known for. The role involves planning events (drinking and non-drinking), and building a social calendar around these events, to give the members of the society a chance to relax a bit and enjoy themselves! 

Tour Secretary (can be x1 or x2): Tour Secs organise the annual society tour. In the past, the society has been to Amsterdam and Budapest, and more brilliant tours will be coming soon.